mardi 9 février 2010

Focus on "Xav" T2K Rider !!

Hello everybody !

Today i introduce you a very technical kiter, his name is "Xavier", and he is a good kitesurfer and land kiter too !

Xav is a "T2K" rider, like "Mr Slyms", and he's a passionate, he travel a lot to find the best spot, you can see him a lot at "Baie d'authie" near of "Berck", he love this big spot because of the beautifull nature and the possibility to ride on very flat water and next minute to ride on good waves...

His favorite trick is "kite loop", but he's loving do some "tricky" like he says !

Xav t2k rider edit from lolo-bsd on Vimeo.

Kite: Best Nemesis HP
MTB: mbs

lundi 8 février 2010

Focus On "Mr Slyms", T2K Riders (95 France, Hérouville)

Mr Slyms is a french rider,

he's a member of the french kite association called "T2K".
I love this association of kiters because they all have a great personality and humours, they're joking everytime and everywhere !

Mr Slyms is not only a kiter, but he's a paraglider too !!

He's got 1 kite for all wind, it's an "Ozone Manta 10".
He's a light rider, so his jumps are really highs !!

Just watch this video and enjoy his sick riding !! ;-)

focus on Mr slyms
envoyé par lolobsd. - Découvrez les dernières vidéos de sport.

If you want to know anything on "T2K" association you just have to go there:

See you soon for another "Focus On", Cheers !!

What is "Focus On Kiters" ??

Hello everybody !!

My name is Laurent, i'm from Chantilly, a little town near of Paris !
I'm a Kiter, i do "Land Kite" and "Kitesurf".

I start kiting lonely, and very fast i met others riders who practice kite too, and a friend of mine created our kite community few weeks after we met each others, the name of our community is "CKC, Chantilly Kite Community", you can take a look if yout want to our kite blog, it's really interessant:

I do many kite film since the begining of our kite story, and few months ago i had an idea, make a kite edit of all kiters i know !!

So now, everywhere i go, i take my camera to keep some tricks movies of my friend to make good videos of them, that is "Focus On", a personnal movie of one rider !!

Maybe one day you will have your "Focus On", if we met each other on a spot ! ;-)

Enjoy Dudes, see ya soon on earth, Cheers !!