lundi 8 février 2010

Focus On "Mr Slyms", T2K Riders (95 France, Hérouville)

Mr Slyms is a french rider,

he's a member of the french kite association called "T2K".
I love this association of kiters because they all have a great personality and humours, they're joking everytime and everywhere !

Mr Slyms is not only a kiter, but he's a paraglider too !!

He's got 1 kite for all wind, it's an "Ozone Manta 10".
He's a light rider, so his jumps are really highs !!

Just watch this video and enjoy his sick riding !! ;-)

focus on Mr slyms
envoyé par lolobsd. - Découvrez les dernières vidéos de sport.

If you want to know anything on "T2K" association you just have to go there:

See you soon for another "Focus On", Cheers !!

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