mardi 9 février 2010

Focus on "Xav" T2K Rider !!

Hello everybody !

Today i introduce you a very technical kiter, his name is "Xavier", and he is a good kitesurfer and land kiter too !

Xav is a "T2K" rider, like "Mr Slyms", and he's a passionate, he travel a lot to find the best spot, you can see him a lot at "Baie d'authie" near of "Berck", he love this big spot because of the beautifull nature and the possibility to ride on very flat water and next minute to ride on good waves...

His favorite trick is "kite loop", but he's loving do some "tricky" like he says !

Xav t2k rider edit from lolo-bsd on Vimeo.

Kite: Best Nemesis HP
MTB: mbs

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